About Us

Founded in 2010, RConnect Systems/ LLC, is an Staffing Services and IT Consulting Services provider dedicated to help customers effectively execute, manage and support their Product Lifecycle Management, Engineering Services, Enterprise Application Programs, Infrastructure Services, and Identity and Access Management in a wide spectrum of domains.

RConnect prides itself on its focus on Innovation in processes and delivery of services, Quality and Reliability. That being said, the implicit foundation of our company has always been its clear focus on its Mission and insistence on ethical business practices informed by our Values. To serve our clients in the best way possible and to help them become successful is the reason we exist.

Our Mission, Vision and Value statements are not empty statements; they represent a live and vital framework that influences every decision we make and action we take.

Our clientele includes IT Consulting majors, Engineering Companies in the Aerospace and Automotive sectors, Hi-Tech Leaders and Retail/ CPG majors.

What is RConnect

R - Reliability: Perform its intended or required function or mission, on demand and without degradation or failure.

C - Commitment: to Help Customers achieve their OBJECTIVES by On Time Deliveries

O - Organized: in a Way to increase the Profitability of Customers

N - Niche Solution Provider

N - Nurturing Talent

E - Effective Solutions

C - Customer Oriented

T - Within Turn-Around Time

Our Mission

Creating business agility via technical excellence and innovative solutions:

Build a rapidly-growing & consistently profitable global technology & business services company; differentiated in the market through our maniacal focus on client satisfaction, market driven services, & uncommon knowledge of the industries & vertical markets we serve.

RConnect excels in Staffing Services in ERP, CRM, Data Warehouse, PLM, MDM, Cloud Computing, enterprise web development and maintenance services, mobile application development, content management systems, application development, graphics and multimedia development, technology consulting, integration services, business process management and managed services, web analytics, search engine optimization, and enterprise infrastructure and cloud management. With highly skilled and motivated team, leading edge infrastructure and strict adherence to time schedules, RConnect has retained highest customer satisfaction levels for clients worldwide. RConnect engagement with its clients is more of a strategic partnership which blends trust and integrity, making RConnect the most preferred technology partner of Fortune 500 companies, system integrators and government departments.

Our Vision

Providing highly scalable, efficient and reliable solutions to global businesses:

Being a value based enterprise web solutions and consulting company, RConnect strongly believes in promoting best practices, innovation and corporate social responsibility. RConnect has established a benchmark in delivering highly robust, efficient, and reliable solutions, which span across enterprise class web services, mobile technologies, infrastructure services and online marketing.

RConnect will be a global IT services enterprise, recognized by customers, employees and the community as a reliable and valued partner. Our trademark will be quality, dependability and responsiveness based on innovation, initiative and teamwork while consistently exceeding stakeholder expectations.

Our Values

Our values are reflected in our commitment to Quality, Ethical Business Practices, Professionalism, Honesty and Integrity. We practice and instil in our employees responsibility to our community, environment, and the world at large.

We believe in always:

  • Adding value through strategic business alliance.
  • Delivering contemporary, innovative and high quality solutions.
  • Acting in our Clients' best interests.
  • Providing fair value in exchange for fees charged to our Clients.


The Leadership team at RConnect is focused on providing leadership and direction to RConnect. While ensuring the quality, reliability and consistency of our services is most important to us, we also look at constantly improving our organization, services and offering innovative solutions to help our customers.

With Decades of combined experience, RConnect’s core management team comes from a background in Management Consultancy and applications development/ maintenance. RConnect respects your business and takes the time to understand and correspondingly support the strategic and tactical applications of your business model. The management team takes a hands-on approach with each of our clients in order to ensure their success.